An engagement ring is a symbol of love, commitment and intent.

It is a ring that lasts the test of time. The style and designs very from the simple solitaire to a complex multi- stone ring.

The most common question about engagement rings is “how much should I spend?”
The answer is simple it is as much as you want or feel comfortable spending

rings 20131028_1220531939At JewelCraft we cater for all styles, designs and budgets, if we don’t have it in the showroom we can make it for you. But one of the things that have become common in jewellery stores is the lights, bright lights can make diamonds and other stones look a lot better than they actually are. At JewelCraft we have designed the showroom to be as close to natural light as we can get, this means when you take your jewellery out of our showroom it still sparkles just as much as when you brought it. We also hand pick our gemstones to ensure the best quality. We offer one on one consultation’s to ensure you get the perfect engagement ring, manufactured to the highest standard using quality materials